When looking for hard drive recovery services, trust the name relied on by

Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Our team of data recovery

engineers retrieve data off of every hard drive on the market, and use

proprietary recovery techniques that can recover data other companies deem

unrecoverable. HuajunData is the only data recovery company in China certified by

both ISO 9001 and SOC 3 standards, delivering unbeatable quality and security.

 With cost-effective service plans and short turnaround times, HuajunData has

represented the ultimate value in data recovery since 2003.


Industry leading Success Rate

Having performed thousands of successful hard drive data recovery projects, our

track record speaks for itself. Our hard disk data recovery process utilizes the

most cutting-edge tools and proprietary methods to ensure the best possible

results, and gives us a success rate over 90%. Using ISO-certified quality

controlled processes enables us to consistently deliver quality for every hard

recovery project, allowing us to what most "data recovery" companies

often deem unrecoverable.

Quality Certified and Secure Certified

HuajunData is the best choice for handling your sensitive data when there exists

high level security chain of custody protocols. HuajunData was the first data

recovery company in the industry to obtain SOC security certification, standards

that go beyond most corporate industry’s data security and custody control. We

regularly undergoes annual audits to assure strict adherence to those standards.

We offer unique Security Services design to meet all US Government protocols for

top secret data management.

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