Scape of Recovery Services
Scape of Recovery Services

When your critical data is wiped out by a drive failure, and there are dire consequences if it is not recovered immediately, there is only one name to trust – HuajunData. HuajunData is the China leader in ISO-9001 and SOC 3 Secure certified data recovery. Our data recovery team on call 24/7, ready to deliver the best data recovery service in the industry anywhere at a moment’s notice. Our track record in recovering data in emergency situations is unmatched, and our expedited service has saved entire businesses and projects from complete collapse.

 Whether it involves expedited work in our labs, recovering data over a remote connection, or sending engineers to your location, nobody can respond to a data emergency like HuajunData.


The Highest Success Rate in Data Recovery

When data recovery is an emergency to you, you want to know your service is the most capable. HuajunData boasts the highest success rate in the industry at over 90%, offering in-house developed recovery solutions superior to anything offered by our competitors. Our quality is backed up by the numerous awards we have won, and the recognition we have received from major news outlets. When recovering your data is of the utmost importance, HuajunData is industry’s sure thing.

Data Recovery’s Most Trustworthy Name

Hiring a data recovery company may be a sensitive thing due to security issues, but choosing HuajunData will put your data in safe hands. Our company was the first data recovery firm to be certified by SOC 3 standards, and are audited annually to maintain that standard. Our list of past clients includes government agencies and major corporations, meaning that dealing with strict security protocols is well within our capabilities. With HuajunData, your security concerns will be put to rest.

Recovering Data From Any Device, Any Time.

No matter what type of storage device you have, HuajunData’s engineers are the most qualified to handle data recovery for it. Every emergency case is worked on 24/7 using the optimal tools and parts needed to recover your data. When data recovery is urgent, you want a recovery service tailor-fit to your needs, which is exactly what HuajunData will deliver.

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