Please by Express to the hard disk (may include data backup disk) sent to the Huajun data recovery center:

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    Data is priceless, please express package to restore the hard disk media. 
    Packing: in case of power failure, the hard disk can bear greater impact, but in view of the domestic transportation enterprises, in order to bump the hard disk and other hard objects to prevent transportation, be sure the hard no danger of anything going wrong, you should do the following security work:
    1, their best packaging, packaging do not expect any courier company and post office. Please mail your removable storage device in the hard disk, CD-ROM, floppy disk, memory cards, packaging carton + control with soft plastic or foam + + plug plug paper plastic bag class way (example below). The conditions can be more than three layers of fine bubble film or sponge shockproof materials individually packaged, so hard under lying in the special foam pad, thereby enhancing the impact of buffer. Must fill in all the gap, to avoid being hit damage.
    2, in the cardboard box marked fragile, words with care.
    3, if you are worried about the impact of transportation and leakage of liquid water, can be wrapped in a layer of waterproof material in the outside of the carton;
    4, the conditions permit, as far as possible to choose: normal, large, well-known express transportation company to deliver the hard disk data recovery media.



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